A collection of open source projects I contributed to.

Steam Group Tools

with node.js – on github, live

A set of tools to view different statistics associated with Steam groups and friends list. It contains some minor customization geared towards running it on OpenShift by RedHat.

Allows you to get the summed up wishlist of everyone with a public profile in a group or on your friends list. Alternatively, you may check a group or friends list against a specific Steam store title.


with c# and RestSharp – on github

A tiny wrapper for some functions of the Github API v3, containing exactly the features needed to integrate as a repository host plugin with Git Extensions. That is, you can do the following:

Since the basic set of functions work, further extension is neither planned nor required for the time being. If there is a need for anything particular, feel free to drop me a note.

I have created the Git Extensions Github module in its current form as well.


with java – on github, google play

Simple Android application that provides me with my university’s food today, tomorrow and in two days. The name is a derivate of the location, as it happens to be Zwickau.

Menus are different for Android 2.x and Android 3+, the latter uses the action bar instead of the menu key.

IV: Multiplayer

with C++ – on google code, iv-multiplayer.com

Open source multiplayer modification for Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto: IV, rather simple and unpolished as of now. Was in a different repository before it became public, hence most of the commit history was lost.

Multi Theft Auto

with C++ – on google code, multitheftauto.com

Open source multiplayer modification for Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas providing access to plenty and complex functions, a graphical interface, DirectX-functions, completely scriptable via a lua.


with lua – on github

The pretty much only gamemode for Multi Theft Auto I worked on (except for private ones) is a roleplay gamemode called mta-paradise set in the virtual town of San Fierro.

server-side modules

A bunch of mostly cryptographic modules.

standalone server browser

with C++, GTK+ – on github

Queries the Multi Theft Auto server list and shows all server info the way it is retrieved. Filters and sorting are supported.

Originally built on Ubuntu Linux, it can be compiled with Dev-C++ on Windows.


with ruby on rails – on github

Visual Map of a collection of points to be represented in a full-screen Google Maps-View, drawn on a high-quality map of the county of San Andreas in Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.